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The cost of a comprehensive eye examination is $155 and includes a full vision and eye health assessment. An examination will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Your optometrist will assess your eye health and ensure you are seeing to the best of your ability. Eye examinations include retinal photos (also known as fundus photos or imaging) that capture a digital image of the back of your eyes that includes the retina, blood vessels, optic nerve, and macula, helping the early detection and management of ocular diseases.

Your examination may be covered by OHIP if you are a minor younger than 19-years-old or a senior older than 65-years-old and have not received an eye examination in the past 12 months. If you are an individual between the ages of 20-years-old and 64-years-old and have a certain systemic (such as diabetes) or ocular condition (such as retinal problems), you may also be covered. Please check with our staff for your eligibility. Eye examinations covered under OHIP do not include retinal photos or the additional specialty services mentioned below.

Your eye examination requires eye dilation to complete a comprehensive assessment of your eye health, unless recommended otherwise. Dilation eye drops enlarge your pupils, allowing your optometrist to view important eye structures. Dilation will make you sensitive to light and cause blurry vision, especially at near, for a duration of 2-5 hours. As driving may be difficult during this time, please make the necessary arrangements for your transportation.

Eye examinations include a prescription for glasses, if required. Please note that we do not provide any measurements or consultation regarding the purchase of glasses online. If you have any other specific concerns, please raise them with your optometrist during your examination.

Eye examinations do not include consultations regarding contact lenses, myopia control, vision therapy, laser eye surgery co-management, or other specialized areas. If you are interested in any of these, please indicate below and mention it to your optometrist. Your optometrist can provide more information regarding these topics and whether any additional fees apply.


In order to prescribe contact lenses, your optometrist must conduct a Contact Lens Fitting to test different lenses and how they fit and feel on your eyes. A Contact Lens Fitting costs between $50 to $100 depending on the types of lenses and your experience wearing them. For more information, please consult your optometrist. Note that any contact lenses purchased from Tonic Eye Care & Vision Therapy are covered under our contact lens warranty policy.

Consent to Collect and Exchange Personal Information


Personal information that we collect and disclose about you and your insured parties is used by the insurer, and/or plan administrator of your group benefits plan, its affiliates and their service provider(s) for the purposes of assessing eligibility for your claims, underwriting, investigating, auditing and otherwise administering the group benefits plan, including the investigation of fraud and/or plan abuse and for internal data management and data analytical purposes.



I authorize my healthcare provider to collect, use and disclose personal information concerning any claims submitted on my behalf with the insurer and/or plan administrator and their service provider(s) for the above purposes.

I authorize such insurer and/or plan administrator and their service provider(s) to:

  • Use my personal information for the above purposes.
  • Exchange personal information with any individual or organization, including healthcare professionals, investigative agencies, insurers and reinsurers, and administrators of government benefits, or other benefits programs, other organizations, or service providers working with such insurer and/or plan administrator or any of the foregoing, when relevant for the above purposes.
  • Where applicable, exchange personal information concerning any claims with any assignee of benefits payable and exchange personal information for the above purposes electronically or in any other manner.

I understand that personal information may be subject to disclosure to those authorized under applicable law.

I agree that a photocopy or electronic version of this authorization shall be as valid as the original, and may remain in effect for the continued administration of the group benefits plan.

In the event there is suspicion and/or evidence of fraud and/or plan abuse concerning any claims submitted, I acknowledge and agree that the insurer and/or plan administrator and their service provider(s) may use and disclose relevant personal information to any relevant organization including law enforcement bodies, regulatory bodies, government organizations, medical suppliers and other insurers, and where applicable my employer or benefit plan sponsor, for the purposes of investigation and prevention of fraud and/or benefit plan abuse. I understand that the submission of fraudulent claims is a criminal offence.

If there is an overpayment, I authorize the recovery of the full amount of the overpayment from any amount payable under the group benefits plan, and the exchange of personal information with other persons or organizations, including credit agencies and, where applicable, my benefit plan sponsor, for that purpose.

If the patient is a person other than myself, I confirm that the patient has given their consent to provide their personal information for the healthcare provider and the insurer and/or plan administrator and their service provider(s) to use and disclose their personal information as set out above.


I hereby assign benefits payable for the eligible claims to the healthcare provider responsible for submitting my claims electronically to the group benefits plan and I authorize the insurer/plan administrator to issue payment directly to such provider. In the event my claim(s) are declined by the insurer/plan administrator, I understand that I remain responsible for payment to the healthcare provider for any services rendered and/ or supplies provided.

I acknowledge and agree that the insurer/plan administrator is under no obligation to accept this benefit assignment form, that any benefit payment made in accordance with this benefit assignment form will discharge the insurer/plan administrator of its obligations with respect to that benefit payment, and that in the event the benefit payment is made to me, the insurer/plan administrator will also be discharged of its obligation with respect to that benefit payment.

I understand that this assignment will apply to all eligible claims submitted electronically by my healthcare provider and that I may revoke it at any time by providing written notice to the insurer/plan administrator.

If I am a spouse or dependent, I confirm that I am authorized by the plan member to execute an assignment of benefit payments to the healthcare provider.

All information contained herein is protected by privacy laws including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and all the corresponding provincial legislation. All users agree to protect the personal health information contained herein from unauthorized use, disclosure, loss, theft, or compromise in accordance with the above noted laws and with at least the same care employed to protect their own confidential information. Any unauthorized access, disclosure or use of this information is illegal.

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