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Contact Lenses in Toronto

Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be prescribed by an optometrist or optician. To have a proper prescription, patients must go through a fitting process. This process is necessary as contact lenses vary significantly from one kind to another, even within the same manufacturer. Each contact lens has a unique design, size (base curve and diameter), and material compositions. Because everyone’s eyes are different, there is no one ‘magic pair’ that works for everyone.

At Tonic Eye Care and Vision Therapy, we can provide the following contact lens related services:

  • Insertion and removal training for first-time wearers
  • Single Vision contact lens fittings (dailies or extended wear)
  • Astigmatism/Toric contact lens fittings (dailies or extended wear)
  • Multifocal contact lens fittings (dailies or extended wear)
Even if you prescription is usually high, you may be eligible for specialty contact lenses with extended power.

There is no age limit on contact lens wear. Daily contact lens wear is an excellent option for your children, especially when playing sports or engaging in other physical activities.