COVID-19 Policy

At Tonic Eye Care & Vision Therapy, our priority is ensuring the safety of our patients and staff. We have implemented additional policies and procedures in order to enhance sanitization and disinfection while maintaining our quality of care. We are constantly monitoring ongoing updates and guidance provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as well as the College of Optometrists of Ontario. Our COVID-19 policies include:

  1. Patients will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms and risk factors when booking their appointments, and again at the time of the appointments. All patients will be required to sign a COVID-19 Questionnaire when they attend their appointment.
  2. All patients over the age of 2 are recommended to bring and wear their own face masks during their visit. 
  3. All staff and doctors are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) covering their mouths and noses when interacting with patients.
  4. Physical distancing guidelines will be practiced.
  5. Hand sanitizer is available for disinfection upon your arrival.
  6. Sanitized trays will be provided for patients to place their frame selections they wish to try on. Staff will be disinfecting frames regularly.
  7. Additional cautionary measures will be taken for sanitization and disinfection processes.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

COVID-19 Questionnaire

All patients are screened for COVID-19 related symptoms and risk factors when booking their appointments. As well, all patients are required to sign the below COVID-19 Questionnaire at or the day before their appointment. If you would answer ‘Yes’ to any of the below questions, please contact us to reschedule your appointment. If any of your responses change after filling out this form and before your appointment, please let us know immediately.