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How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy In the Winter

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy In the Winter - Tonic Eye Care & Vision Therapy

The winter season can take a toll on us, especially when it comes to our eyes. It is crucial to take adequate care of your eyes throughout the winter months since the harsh winds and freezing temperatures can impair your vision if you do not shield your eyes from the cold air.

In order to keep your eyes both hydrated and healthy, you should:

1. Try to blink more often. For example, when reading or using a computer individuals typically don’t blink as frequently. However, it’s important to be aware of this and make an effort to blink more frequently, which will help avoid dry eyes and produce lubrication.

2. Purchase a humidifier. Throughout the winter, many of us prefer to stay inside, but warm air may not always be healthy for your eyes, especially if it’s dry. Using a humidifier can help provide moisture to the air, which will help prevent your eyes from drying out even when heating is required to keep the air indoors from being too dry.

3. Hydrate your body. Drinking enough liquids is crucial because doing so can help keep your eyes moist. When it’s hot outside, most people tend to drink more water. However, it’s just as important to stay hydrated throughout the cooler months as well to avoid discomfort or dry eyes.

4. Wear proper eyewear. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you must wear protective eyewear, which is a must for anybody going outside in the winter. A good pair of snow goggles will keep your eyes protected and stop snow from getting in your eyes. Depending on the outdoor activity you’re engaging in, UV rays are extremely dangerous throughout the winter. Therefore, be sure to use the appropriate eyewear or sunglasses.

5. Use artificial tears. No matter what you do, if your eyes continue to feel dry, you may benefit from using lubricating eye drops that can help add moisture to your eyes. However, not all over-the-counter artificial tears are equal, and the right ones for you might be different depending on the type of dryness you have. Some drops can even make issues worse, so make sure to visit your optometrist to get a proper recommendation that is right for you. 

6. Keep a safe distance away from heat sources. On chilly winter days, it can be quite tempting to curl up close to a warm fire or heater, but the heated air will quickly dry up your eyes. Avoid sitting near these heat sources because doing so can potentially impair your vision. Make sure the vent in your automobile faces away from your face while the heat is on or your eyes may dry out.

Regular checkups with an eye doctor are very important because a professional eye exam will determine what type of care your eyes need and whether or not your vision is healthy. If you’re looking for an optometrist in the Toronto area, contact Tonic Eye Care today for all of your vision needs!

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